The Hidden Heroes of Recovery – Father’s Day Campaign

This Father’s Day, join us as we honor these hidden heroes and raise $10,000 to battle disordered eating together.

Father's Day Campaign

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Our fathers are our heroes. They love, guide, and protect us throughout our lives.
Unfortunately, millions of fathers live with the pain of not being able to protect and save their child from devastating and debilitating eating disorders.

We’ll be sharing stories from fathers that have stood by their children on their journey to recovery and promoting eating disorder awareness for the entire family. Check back to read these amazing stories throughout the campaign!

Story # 1 – One Father’s Fight to Help His Daughter Heal (click here to read)

Story #2 – Carly’s Story: Finally Free (click here to read)

Story #3 – Every Dad, Every Day (click here to read)

Want to get involved? Here’s How!

  1. Follow: @rockrecoveryed on Twitter & Instagram and like our Facebook Page
  2. Share: Infographics and content found on the Facebook page and use the hashtag #FathersFightED
  3. Share: Photos and stories and tell us why your dad is your Hero. Use the hashtag #HiddenHerosForRecovery. 
  4. Support: Make a donation in honor of your dad this Father’s Day and save more fathers from the pain of losing their child to an eating disorder.


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