Program: Bridge to Life

At this time we are operating a single recovery program in Arlington, VA and will be starting a second program in Washington, DC in January 2018. Our vision is to pilot these programs and create a nationwide network to meet the need for affordable, accessible and transitional care in the community. If you’re interested in partnering with us on this vision, contact 

At Rock Recovery, we believe that freedom from disordered eating is possible for anyone who has access to high-quality and consistent care. First, it’s important to recognize the level of care that you need. Our Bridge to Life program is designed for adults who are both medically and psychologically stable and who are ready to be free from food fears, distorted body image, destructive habits, and the root causes of their eating disorder. Our program benefits those who need a little more than a weekly appointment with a therapist, dietitian and/or support group, yet do not need to be in an intensive outpatient, residential or inpatient setting.

Our program isn’t for everyone. Take our “Fit Quiz” to figure out if it might be an option for you! If it isn’t, we have several treatment partners across the nation who might be a great fit.

If it is, you can fill out our Program Interest Form to learn more.

Program Details

Our Bridge to Life program is unique in that it is affordable and accessible, and it allows clients to integrate all aspects of their life in their individual recovery process. Our program brings the benefits of group meals, therapy groups and experiential therapies to a community setting to help break isolation. Access to a variety of recovery activities and a supportive community can make the difference between ongoing struggles and long-term freedom. Specifically, our clients benefit from:

  • A weekly therapy group, led by a therapist utilizing a combination of CBT, DBT, art and other experiential therapies
  • A weekly group meal, co-led by a dietitian and therapist, to teach clients to appreciate the nutritional value of all foods, and provide opportunities for clients to try challenge foods in a safe environment
  • Mentorship, where clients are matched with someone in solid recovery
  • Ongoing goal-setting meetings to set individualized and future-minded goals
  • A collaborative setting where we include outside treatment providers and client support networks in the process

This program is designed to accommodate the scheduling needs of working professionals. Program activities are held on evenings and weekends and are located close to public transportation in the metro DC area. All program activities occur in a group setting, and in order to ensure a safe and supportive environment, we limit our program to no more than 10 participants at any given time.

At this time, we are unable to accommodate individuals who are eating a vegan or vegetarian diet. Medical documentation may be required for individuals who have food intolerances, allergies, or other dietary restrictions. Please contact us before completing other program requirements and we will let you know if the group would meet your individual needs. Thank you.

Program Expectations

Before filling out a program interest form, consider whether you are willing and able to meet our program expectations. Our clients must commit to:

  • Actively engaging in the program for at least 8 weeks. Toward the end of each 8-week commitment, we will ask you whether the program is still serving you well. Many of our clients stay in our program for months — until they feel strong enough in their recovery to go without the support we provide.
  • Attending a weekly group meal and weekly therapy group, held together on Sunday evenings from 5PM to 8PM in Arlington, VA (metro-accessible) or at our second location in Washington, DC (metro-accessible) on Thursday evenings from 6:15 – 9:15 (this program starts January 2018!)
  • Engaging with a mentor on a weekly basis (this is often reported to be one of the greatest benefits of our program!)
  • Meeting with one of our therapists for a one-hour goal-setting meeting and completing a self-assessment every 8 weeks to help our team understand how to serve you best.
  • Making timely payments (sliding scale and partial scholarships are available) at the end of each month.


  • If our program sounds like it might be beneficial to you, we encourage you to complete our Recovery Program Interest Form 
  • Please note that once you sign up, you can expect an email from our Intake Coordinator within 2 business days. If you do not hear from us, please email or call 571-255-9906 to check in.

In addition to our program, our clients are encouraged to participate in a variety of recovery activities, including:


Now I Am (NIA)

woman-in-woodsNIA is a practice that works to unite mind and body. The uniting of mind and body creates a new avenue for recovery. It teaches us to recognize our emotions before they overwhelm us; to feel our hunger and our satiety; and perhaps more importantly, to use movement of the body to express our emotional energy in a healthy way. NIA has been integrated in intensive treatment programs around the country. Rock Recovery brings NIA to the D.C. community through sponsoring participation in multiple classes per week, all taught by instructors who understand the healing nature of NIA as it relates to disordered eating.


woman-sunlight-hopeDo you realize that you are so much more than your eating disorder? Do you know that you are more than your best behavior, your worst behavior, and all your achievements and failures combined? Finding our identity – an identity that is based in the way we were created and the way we are intended to live, is an essential component of recovery. We have found that as long as we base our self-worth on the unrealistic standards of our society, we’re in bondage to unreachable ideals and unmet expectations. As we learn that our self-worth is inherent – based on who we are and not on what we do or how we compare – we are freed from ideals and expectations. The New ID curriculum uses scripture and biblical truths to challenge us to find our true identity. Read more about the New ID curriculum at

Finding Balance with Food

cookies-and-flowersFBWF is a 12-week, therapist-led group using curriculum developed by FindingBALANCE, a Christian eating disorder nonprofit.  FBWF is “a guided journey toward greater health and freedom for anyone who thinks frequently about food and/or the size of their bodies. It is a chance to breathe deeply and consider our relationship with food, how it developed, and how to be healthier in the future. The structured study format provides a safe environment for personal reflection and growth, as well as an opportunity to foster relationships with other women walking a similar road. With biblically based content, it is ideal for those seeking to incorporate faith into their overall wellness pursuits.”

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