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Sustain Rock Recovery’s work and enhance your congregation’s well-being

Theology on Tap 2015Mental health and spiritual health go hand-in-hand. We believe in equipping churches and communities with the tools they need to support those in their congregation who are struggling with disordered eating. Statistically speaking, an estimated 25% of our friends and family are struggling with or will struggle with disordered eating at some point. Even though they are not alone, they often feel alone and are ashamed to reach out for help. Rock Recovery believes in bringing truth, hope and resources directly to our church friends and family who are struggling so they can find full and lasting freedom in Christ.

Rock Recovery offers workshops, seminars, small group curriculum and more for our church friends and partners. Additionally, Rock Recovery is financially supported by a number of local churches and is always looking for new financial partnerships. If you are interested in getting involved with us in one of these capacities, please get in touch with Christie Dondero Bettwy at or 919-696-4708.

Listen to an example talk by Executive Director, Christie Dondero Bettwy, at the Archdiocese of Washington, DC here.

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