Be A Bridge Builder & Transform Lives!

When you support Rock Recovery with monthly financial support it enables us to successfully run our programs and transform our clients and community. 

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The more bridges you help us build, the more lives we can save and transform together. Make your donation online today!
Here’s how you can help:
  • $25 per month, covers the cost of supplies for one group therapy session for 10 clients where they are exposed to coping skills and directives to help them navigate life’s challenges
  • $50 per month, sponsors one client’s weekly meals for a month where they are supported through challenging meals and taught delicious new recipes
  • $100 per month sponsors an incredible client for one week of our program so they can access group meals, therapy sessions, life-changing peer-mentorship and spiritual support and guidance with our Chaplain

Click here to become a Bridge Builder and transform more lives today!


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